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Thursday, September 21, 2023

Gatto Meets Sam Adams

Keep walking, Frieda. My beer.

How do I get this open?

He is the package inspector. He spent considerable time trying to get it open. 

It will be mid-eighties today but the humidity isn't tropical, which does make a difference. I haven't been feeling well, my sinuses are bothering me. I suppose it's all the smoke that has been in the air. Ah, well. I saw a video last week of a different way to make focaccia. If I can feel well enough to mix dough I'm going to try it, although I think I wouldn't call it focaccia. It's made with a very wet dough. There really isn't any effort in making it, but when your head is pounding it doesn't take much to deter you. The medication has been upsetting my tummy. I think I'm outside of warranty.


Boud said...

I hope you feel better. This is the allergy season here, endless sneezing, watering itching eyes, moan, moan. Let us know how the focaccia goes, if you get to it.

Sandra said...

Boud, thanks. I started having seasonal allergies about a dozen years ago. I was rather smug about being on of the few who didn't suffer allergies. I guess the fates decided to kick me in the behind.

I just made a white bean and sausage soup for lunch and that wore me out. I don't know this person. If I have a little umps I plan to make the focaccia this afternoon.

We can have a moan, moan duet.

Far Side of Fifty said...

The smoke is a bit better up here today, we are supposed to get rain on the weekend...sure hope so!

Sandra said...

Far Side, me too. It will clear the air and sure help the trees.

e said...

I'm so sorry you feel bad...I hope things improve. Good luck with the focaccia.

Sandra said...

e, sinuses, they can be a real pain. The focaccia turned out really well.