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Sunday, August 14, 2022

Forty-one Revolutions


Today Mark and I have been married 41 years. Lots of good times, drama, irritability, sadness and contentment intertwined within those 41 years. 41 years, that's how old I was when we moved to this farm.

We went to the oldest drive-in in Minnesota for lunch to celebrate our endurance. Mark was like a little kid, excited to be going and eating what turned out to be excellent burgers. I had a root beer float, I haven't had one of those in decades and it was really good. We were both a couple of ten year old kids!

The weather is beautiful, mild and sunny. I think the universe decided to smile on us. Of course it is all for us. 👫

It was a $50 lunch at a drive-in. Surprised us both. Things are expensive. I guess I'll need to do more food preservation! Ciao. Or should I say Chow?


Far Side of Fifty said...

Happy Anniversary! Yes eating out is getting more expensive all the time. I wonder how many mom and pop places will go out of business? :(

Boud said...

Happy anniversary to both of you! And good health, long life and great burgers!

Sandra said...

Thank you, Boud! May we all have those things.

Val Ewing said...

Congratulations on 41 years. I was 40ish when I moved here to our place too. I can't imagine living in other places, though one day I imagine I may have to move.

Great burgers make it wonderful.
On the price? I get that.
It is probably one of the reasons we stay at home and don't dine out.

Sandra said...

Thanks, Val. It's a lot harder to take care of this place than it used to be!

We don't eat out, either, but Mark wanted to go to the drive-in and it was enjoyable. So, it was worth it!

Sandra said...

Far Side, you were in spam again! Thank you. I think many will end up closing. It's sad.