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Tuesday, August 9, 2022

How to Spend a Day and Not Have Fun


A quick check-in. I had my appointment with a PA in Physical Medicine today. She is the FASTEST talker I have ever met! I couldn't keep up. What I got is I need to get a back & neck X-ray and she'll decide later if I need another MRI. She wants me to go to a more intensive physical therapy at least a couple of times to learn more about what I should be doing. I am flexible (HA) and still have strength. She says so anyway. Losing weight would be helpful. I never knew. She thinks I have carpel tunnel. She gave me things I'm supposed to do for that.

I'm to start taking Advil instead of Naproxin and to use a topical pain cream. She says the MRI shows a vertebrae, the second from the bottom, that could be causing trouble. It's not real bad but it's one that could be causing my trouble. So, that's it. A video followup with her in 6-8 weeks.

I must add, I'm feeling a little lighter after seeing the FBI had a warrant to search Mar-a-Lago.  


Boud said...

Good to get some answers anyway. I hope they're helpful.

Sandra said...

Boud,I stalled out after I got Covid from PT last year. So, back on the hamster wheel I go.

Lori Skoog said...

Sounds like you got a lot of information....what to do first???? I have not had time to watch the news yet, but look forward to finding more out about the Mar-a-lago saga. Tip of the iceberg. KMac better watch his tweets or he is going to start another 1/6.

Val Ewing said...

Do you feel like you learned anything you didn't know?
Good thing on still having flexibility and strength though.

Did you get to have a back and forth conversation at all?

Anyway you don't have to answer. Carpel Tunnel sucks too.

However the warrant to search Mar-a-Lago was surprising news. Now the Rumpies are getting all up in arms and calling for civil war.
It is amazing those that just want to stir up crap and those who still believe the orange menace is something to be supported.
Or has it become some sort of weird cult culture thing?

I don't know.

Hope you have a great day!

Sandra said...

Lori, probably the x-rays first. I don't particularly want to go back to PT, but I will. The total collapse of the republican party is stunning.

Sandra said...

Val, I did learn a couple of things. I didn't get to say much, but I really didn't need to. I was fascinated by the with which she can speak!

The solid supporters have reached the level of cult followers.