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Wednesday, October 5, 2022

So We Go

Back to basics.

I made a blueberry clafoutis yesterday. I haven't baked in a couple of years, other than bread. The custardy bit looks anemic because I needed to use all the berries, which was five cups. Normally it's three cups, but it is good and blueberry abundant!

I finally made the egg bake now that I am feeling better. Lots of good stuff, including prosciutto and gruyere.

Former Neighbor, Jack, called last evening at 8:30 saying he wanted to come out now. It's a little over an hour drive. Mark had just got out of the shower and we hadn't eaten yet. People who don't live it do not understand life with livestock. Mark had just finished bringing the horses into the barn, getting them fed and watered and then unloading a couple of full racks of hay. Mark said no. Jack was taken aback, he didn't expect that. Because he has no comprehension of how long the days can get. And he and Caroline are night owls. I kind of remember my city life!

It's a pleasure to be enjoying summer's abundance in October. Even the weather has been warm. Today is the last of that, though. Still, it's been appreciated.

So...onward and upward fine people. One more day in the life.


Boud said...

If I'd seen those pictures of food I think I'd have come over, too. But what kind of madness proposes visiting anyone, animals or not, at that hour? It's as nuts as calling at 7 am just because you're up!

Sandra said...

You read my mind, Boud! We know a few good but odd people :)

Lori Skoog said...

Both of these dishes look SO good. I get it when it comes to people who don't understand what kind of a schedule people are on who have animals. They are my priority and I work around it. People have wondered why they can't eat 3 or 4 hours later. Oh well.

Sandra said...

Lori, my mother once said angrily, when I told her I couldn't do something she was insisting I do, that the horses can take care of themselves. Maybe, if they were 24/7 outside and didn't need to be brought inside, fed and watered. We both know how it goes if you mess around with barn babies schedules!

Val Ewing said...

Oh yum on the dishes!
Oh people who do not have livestock really don't understand chore time. Ours do live out doors, however they march right up to the area where I feed them like clockwork for morning and evening chores.

LOL. I am no longer a night owl. I got to be soon after dark soon these days!

Sandra said...

Val, horses are creatures of routine, aren't they. I stay up later than I did when I had too much to do, but no night owl for me, either!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

That blueberry dish claufotis? (sorry can’t recall how to spell the second word) looks like something I could try with frozen blueberries picked this summer. There are a couple of wild blueberry bushes near the mill apts and those of us “in the know” gathered a couple of bagfuls and there’s one remaining in the freezer. Hopefully, the recipe is an easy one, Sandra.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Forgot to add that making an egg bake is what I have done often to use up veggies and eggs before going for the next shopping trip. Mine generally include anything from the fridge and always cheese included.

Sandra said...

Beatrice, clafoutis is extremely easy. These blueberries were frozen.

It's easier than making a quiche, no crust!