Everything sublime is as difficult as it is rare. Baruch Spinoza

Thursday, October 20, 2022



I seem to have recovered from the shock of buying an unexpected new furnace. I had a whopper of a headache yesterday. The body does not like stress.

The son's brother-in-law got the results from the Mayo. They aren't good. Inclusion Body Myositis. I was interested because what was relayed to me about his symptoms and a lack of diagnosis is very much like my own. I hope I don't have this because it is progressive, thought to be an autoimmune disorder. I do have something to present to my doctor, which is good and I don't need to go to Mayo to have the tests done. It's someplace to turn, other than take acetaminophen and try to walk more.

It's a nice day with filtered sunshine. Mark needed to go to a client in the northern suburbs of the twin cities this morning. He said he and the bookkeeper stood outside in the sun being Chatty Cathy. She is a new grandmother and is over the moon. Her positivity made him feel good.

On the home life side of things, I have a stock simmering for smoked ham, white bean and fennel soup. Misfits Market finally had fennel. They have a much better price than the local market so I wait for it to be available. Of course tomorrow will be in the upper 60s F and the weekend in the 70s, but it's still autumn and that makes it soup weather, no matter the temperature. Mark has been fussing over eggplant I haven't used so I will be roasting it and onions and tomatoes for another soup. I cut the stems with the fronds from the fennel and processed it as I do basil; in the food processor with olive oil, then in an ice cube tray and frozen. Store in the freezer in a bag. Waste not, want not. The never ending excitement of the mostly homebound.

That's about it from my little patch of this earth. May life be good to you.


Boud said...

I like your food notes. Yes, I've found quite a few misfits items much cheaper than local. And I hope you get good answers in your health puzzle, preferably ones you can fix.

Boud said...

I just googled to learn more, thinking this sounds like a flower. Came to pictures of myositis. Except that they were myosotis. Forget me nots.

Sandra said...

Boud, I have learned what to buy and what not to but from Misfits from experience, which I am sure you have, too. It's located in your state, which perhaps gets it to you quicker?

I would like to know. I feel I've been discarded. No answer found.....next.

Well, being labeled forget me not wouldn't be a bad thing!

Sandra said...

Oh, on food notes. Roasted eggplant soup is so good. Roasted eggplant, onion, tomatoes and garlic. Whizzed in the food processor, I don't pulverize it. I put some zucchini on the baking sheet since I have so much. Put into chicken or veg stock to simmer with water herbs or spice you want. You can add cream or half&half. Or eat as is.Some of the cheeses you make would be good sprinkled on top.

Boud said...

Alas I'm deadly allergic to eggplant in any form. I used to grow it just for the beauty then give away the crop!
Misfits is a three day turnaround: 48 hours to edit order, then charged and shipped, delivery next day. I ordered yesterday's box on Saturday to arrive Wednesday. Is that comparable to your times?

Sandra said...

It is. I wouldn't have thought it would be.. I think the soup would be good without eggplant, just the roasted vegetables.

Val Ewing said...

Our bodies are still such a mystery to the medical field.
Wouldn't it be nice to get an answer?

Your soup looks awesome.

Sandra said...

It takes curiosity, Val. That's the benefit of the Mayo, that
s what they do. I am so tired of this, 2 years of no answers.

That isn't soup yet, it's the makings of stock. It will be soup.

julochka said...

I learned that herbs in an ice cube tray from you. I've got all sorts of goodness in the freezer that future me will thank past me for. And I thank you for telling me about it. But now I'm hungry for fennel.

Sandra said...

I'm happy I taught you something! Use those fronds.