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Friday, December 30, 2022

Complaints. Resolution.

This is how my reading list for 2022 ends. I got my library card mid-August. It is apparent I have a lot of time on my hands by the number of books I have read/listened to in five months. It keeps me sane while I am lingering, waiting for the medical establishment to pay attention.

I do have a video appointment with a neurologist January 19. I had an in-person scheduled but it was April 26. I don't understand this, the video visit takes the same amount of time as the in-person, but....oh, well. At least it's much sooner. The microphone hasn't been working on my computer, but all of a sudden it is. Some things are quirky with Macs and looking at the tutorials on fixing this problem show this is one of those quirks. If it's acting up when I have the video visit I'll need to use my phone. I'd rather not. 

I got a new router today. I spent half an hour trying to convince a person in my computer that I needed one. We have Frontier for internet service. They are our only choice, other than satellite, which I've been warned against by those who tried it. We get a very slow connection and now it's been off more than it's on. I looked at the date on the router and it's eleven years old. I kinda think technology has advanced some in eleven years. I finally convinced him when he asked what made me think it's the router? I told him it's either an old router or lousy service. He said he ordered a new one for me. I can't go to T-Mobile or Verizon wireless as neither are currently available to us. We live 25 miles from downtown Minneapolis, not up in the far Northwoods. Anyway, I've connected it and guess what? This came up faster than I've ever seen our internet service work. Now, if it isn't going in and out of service regularly I will be singing Alleluia!

Well, now. I think this was my morning crab session. I was even able to turn my listening to a lot of books into a crab-fest. I think I'd rather have a crab feast. Nah, complaining has its own rewards. But....I now remember when the son was young we always had crab on New Years Eve. Huh.


Ami said...

Well hello fellow curmudgeon. Thanks for stopping by!
Since this is my first visit here I haven't read far enough to see what's going on with you medically, but I hope your visit with the neurologist is productive. I read a blog written by a neurologist, Dr Grumpy. He's not bad as a writer, but I don't know if he's a good neuro guy.

Sandra said...

Hi, Ami. I hope I get somewhere with this dr, too. I love the name, Dr. Grumpy! Thanks for visiting.

Val Ewing said...

I do hope you get somewhere with this doctor. I assume you got your lab tests back? Perhaps someone will listen to you know?
I dislike video doctor visits. More can be seen with body language than can be seen on camera.

Plus, I like to look them in the eye when we speak.
Got questions for them and can hubby be in on it?

Crossed fingers for you.

We just went through an hour and half video consultation and evaluation for a possible treatment for hubby.

More video appts scheduled! One day at a time.

Sandra said...

Val, this past couple of years has been an eye-opener for me. I know Rich has been through a lot, so you have been in the system for a long time and seen how effective and ineffective it can be.

I am not listened to. It's as if an opinion is formed in the first 30 seconds and then it's just wasting time. I'll see how this next one goes. I know I'm giving up any pretense of patience, as I've had it.

e said...

I hope your appointment goes well. I understand your frustration with the medical system, but please enjoy your celebration with son. And being a cat lady...xx

Sandra said...

Thanks, e. We had a really nice time and a great lunch.