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Friday, February 3, 2023

Murphy's Law

The stove quit working last night soon after I went to bed.
It was very cold this morning!

I have the heat vents closed in this room because the stove keeps it warm. Not when it decides to stop. I got it cleaned, it still wanted to quit, so I ran it at it's highest level and the pellets started being pushed out by the auger. Of course it stopped working on one of the colder nights of the winter!

Otherwise, nothing happening here, other than it's cold. I once again made soup and appreciated it. Stay warm, or cool. Depending on where you are.


Val Ewing said...

Oh no! We didn't get above zero today but at least our home is out of the wind since we are not on the ridge.

We were surprised by the LP truck this afternoon though. We usually don't see them until the end of March.

Chili here tonight, soup this weekend.

Stay warm!

Boud said...

I suppose it would happen on a very cold night, maybe because of the increased workload. Good thing you have soup.
We have dry bitter wind and cold. Not going anywhere today.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Very cold here but warming soon. Thankful for a warm house:)

Sandra said...

Val, we didn't get above zero, either. Today is supposed to be about 30 and warmer all week.

We had LP delivered in January. I hope I don't nee them again this winter. It's soup for lunch again today.

Sandra said...

That's possible, Boud. You and I always have soup. Stay in. Stay warm.

Sandra said...

Far Side, it's much warmer this morning. I think of the movie, Fargo, and that winter landscape and realize that is where you are!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Drat, don't you really, realy hate when something breaks down when it's the most needed? TOo bad about the pellet stove giving out and hopefully the soup and other means will keep you warm and cozy -- cuddle up with several felines?

Sandra said...

Beatrice, it was cold! Propane is so expensive I have been heating that end of the house with the wood pellet stove. It's a large one and does a good job. When it's working! We have a small amount of soup left, so it's on the lunch menu.