Everything sublime is as difficult as it is rare. Baruch Spinoza

Monday, February 20, 2023


He is a handsome fellow.

A handsome fellow who attacked me a couple of nights ago. Ever get attacked by a cat? Me neither, until now. It is nothing you want to experience. One of the strays was on the deck looking in the kitchen door. Freida and Gatto were looking back at it. I went outside, it skittered and then let me touch it before running off when Keetah noticed something was afoot. When I came inside Gatto went wild, attacking my foot, leg and the hand/arm which had touched the cat. I was trying to get him to stop without being too rough, it wasn't working. Fierce little Freida stopped him. It was something to see. She ran over to him, one-two punched him and gave him a very serious growl and hiss. He came to his senses. Something about the other cat set him off, I don't know what it was. My fierce little Freida, I guess she does love me.

He is a nice cat. And he is photogenic. I would not want to be in the middle of a cat fight.

Then there is soup.

I made creamy potato soup with a little turmeric for lunch yesterday. It was really good and filling. It will be lunch again today. The chicken I posted a photo of yesterday had its bones put in a pot to make more stock. Mark is actually looking forward to soup, something I never expected.

I have an in office visit scheduled for Thursday which I will cancel and reschedule today. We are expecting snow for the next three days and there is talk of feet, not inches. No reason to take a risk that isn't necessary. We don't take many risks anymore. I pointed out to Mark that we have too much responsibility to be risky. Fourteen horses, six cats and a neurotic dog. Speaking of.....

Keetah also sings the song of her people. A. LOT. She lays looking out the door, waiting for a twig to move, and then does this. No imaginary bad guy is getting in her house, let her tell you. She is eleven, has a bad hip and limited hearing, but she still knows she's got it.

Mark is going to his peer review, then will have lunch at his brother's house. I will eat my soup and read. I started The Storied Life of A. J. Fikry, by Gabrielle Zevin, yesterday and I am enjoying it. I needed something lighter after reading Bewilderment. It left me melancholy.

It's another day we are vertical, or as a woman I used to work with would say, we aren't toes up, so it's a good day. Make it yours.


Pixie said...

That soup looks good too. Perhaps you are turning into a food blog:)

Our shepherd does the same thing. She's the sweetest dog but very protective and sounds fierce.

Pixie said...

And yes, I've been attacked by a cat, Bagheera, when I tried to give her a pill. There was blood and vomit. My blood and her vomit, everywhere.

Sandra said...

Pixie, perhaps! It is what I have going on in my limited life, so ....food! Cats and a German Shedder, too.

If a cat really gets ahold of you your in trouble. They are fast and have lots of sharp things to use on flesh. He bit and clawed me and was about to get tossed. I'm glad I didn't need to do that. I'm sorry you experienced it, awful thing.

Boud said...

I have been seriously attacked by a cat during my pet care years. No knowing what set her off. My previous visit had been to a rabbit, and who knows if that scent did it.

She flew for my face, and I got bites and gouges. There were a couple more days before the owner returned, meaning half a dozen more visits. I dressed, in July, in a ski jacket, heavy gloves and goggles, and was still nervous.

I did explain to the owner on her return that she needed a different person, which she was unhappy about. But hearing that she'd be liable for medical bills if any of the bites and scratches went south, she reluctantly accepted her keys back.

I'd successfully handled hundreds of animals before this, but you simply don't know who might go wild or why.

Sandra said...

Boud, it didn't get that bad, he stayed at my feet, legs and hand but he was working up a frenzy. It's frightening. You were a trooper to keep going there, very smart to put on your battle gear.

Val Ewing said...

Meow. I was never attacked by a cat, but swiped at one at my brother's house.

I had two cats and two dogs in the house in my previous farm life and the cats slept with the dogs and acted like dogs.

The food looks great. I made hotdogs and fries, now doesn't that sound foodie worthy? Just kidding. I wish I love your food photos and Lori's also.
I just wish I had that talent.

Lori Skoog said...

My kind of soup! The cat attack had to be based on scent. They were probably enemies before you saved Gatto.

peppylady (Dora) said...

I agree he quite photogenic.
Coffee is on and stay safe

Sandra said...

Val, may you never be cat attacked! Actually, hot dogs and fries sound pretty good. You know, to a decree talent springs from interest. Your interest lies someplace other than cooking.Places where I would never venture.

Sandra said...

Lori, the soup was good. It must have been scent. The area he was attacking is where the cat touched me. It was unnerving.

Sandra said...

Dora, isn't he. He poses perfectly. I'm having my coffee right now!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

That was certainly a scary incident and, as you said, Sandra, the fact that you touched the other cat apparently set off Gatto. Hope that Frieds got extra cuddles for stepping in to protect you.

Potato soup with turmeric and other veggies looks wonderful and perfect for snowy days ahead. We too are forecast for overnight snow on Wed evening. but then this forecast may be like recent other ones and not materialize. But, I admit that a good snowstorm while safely indoors would be welcomed. Hope you and the animals and pets will all be safe from your forecasted snow.

Sandra said...

Beatrice, rockets were set off in Gatto's head! Frieda is a fierce little monster. She's been playing and also teaching manners to Gatto. He has fun with her, but always with a wary eye! She was a small kitten when she showed up here, bold as could be.

We have 3 days of snow if it materializes. I hope you get some, just not as much as we will.

Far Side of Fifty said...

The cat must have PTSD. Something set him off for sure...glad you are okay. Hope the two feet of snow forecast for you is tolerable or a weather mistake!

Sandra said...

Far Side, yes. I was scary. We are all set for a couple of days of hunkering down.