Everything sublime is as difficult as it is rare. Baruch Spinoza

Saturday, February 18, 2023

Something New Under The Sun

Never think there is nothing new.

I made a sauce with yellow tomatoes, something I personally have not seen. I have several large freezer bags full of yellow plum tomatoes from last season which I realized I had no idea how to use once frozen. I used six large garlic cloves, two preserved basil cubes, white wine and at the end a bunch of thin asparagus spears cut up and some butter. It looked better in person than in a photo. I debated posting it because the look is not great. I decided to put it up anyway because the flavor was quite good. More acidic than Romas, which was not a bad thing. The acidity could be tempered with sugar or, I think, shredded zucchini I have in the freezer. It would be even better with red pepper flakes, which I can do next time. Because I probably have four bags. 

It's a sunny day, temperature is much warmer, upper 30s today. We are is for a lot of snow Wednesday & Thursday if the model holds. We shall see.

I am craving manicotti. I have a recipe from Mrs. Mancuso, an elderly woman I knew in my teens. She was a wonderful person who gave me her recipe. It's the only one I've ever used. I'm not able to make pasta at this time, so I need to wait until Mark can get me a package of manicotti pasta. It's easy to make but I don't have it in me. You know how something gets into your head and you suddenly want it? I'm there.

I have enough stock in the refrigerator to make another pot of soup, so I think I'll make potato soup. That sounds good to me. Other than my weather report, today this is a food blog. That's ok, most of us enjoy food. Even when it's odd looking yellow sauce!


Boud said...

It sounds as if you have plenty to experiment with. I'm guessing this was good. Sometimes wonderful meals aren't photogenic!

Far Side of Fifty said...

We love the yellow tomatoes we think they have the best flavor. I have a bunch cooked up and frozen for soup once I get home this spring:)

Sandra said...

Boud, it really was. It isn't the most photogenic but the flavor was great. I do have plenty to experiment with, probably not to photograph again!

Sandra said...

Far Side, I like them, too. I haven't cooked with them, though. I've used them in salads and on sandwiches. They have a great flavor when cooked, I just found out.

Val Ewing said...

I do love the yellow tomatoes! I mix them with the red with abandon!

Enjoy the nice weather, we are supposed to get some snow too next week. We are now calling it our Wed-Thurs snows. Though last week, it went way south of us.

Yum on your food!

e said...

It looks beautiful, yum!

Sandra said...

Val, next time I'm going to mix them. This was good but it lacked something visually. We are in for a lot of snow, if it actually happens.

Sandra said...

e, it was good!