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Friday, December 9, 2022

Such a Good Girl

I love this photo. WF Al Malika and Chloe. Chloe was a Dalmatian/Lab cross I got from a neighbor in St. Paul as a puppy. They got her and she was too much for them, so I took her. She was a protective, serious dog who adored foals. The mares and babies accepted her in the stall, she just wanted to be near the babies. This photo would be late 1990s.

We got the booster and the flu shot this morning. I'm glad to have that done. We will get the shingles vaccine next month. We finally decided we should do that. I think I'm going to give in and just sit down and read. I have Little Fires Everywhere to finish  and Wintering, which Boud had suggested, has just come available to me through the library. I'll light a fire, sink into my throne chair with a warm throw and Frieda and finish my book. I'm tired and that's just that.

It's overcast and has that damp cold feeling that's permeating my bones. A roaring fire is just what is needed. 


Boud said...

Yes to the shingles vaccine. I had a fairly rugged response to both shots but a friend who'd just had shingles said anything was better than that, so shut up! So I did. I'm glad you're getting all the protection you can.

Sandra said...

Boud, yes, I understand shingles is terrible. We still mask. The tech who vaccinated us was wearing a mask but no one else was. I see it as just another layer of protection and not something we have to endure for long periods of time. Mark having cancer and my having who knows what, it seems smart.

You played it smart and did shut up!

Lori Skoog said...

I got my flu shot yesterday...no reaction and had the final booster a couple months ago. Guess that my age is calling for some protection. Hope you had a nice afternoon in your throne....reading by the fire is the ultimate. Would loved to have seen your pup with the foals.

Val Ewing said...

I still need the Shingles shot and it is two doses. I did half the last time I tried it and then didn't go back...bad me.

I think it was the thought of giving the pharmacy $200 bucks per poke is what stopped me.
I'll get it next year and take a pass this year.

I feel like I should get dog tags for all the vaccinations I've had! LOL!

Sandra said...

Lori, no reaction to either this time! I had a peaceful day sitting in the throne by the fire. I’m almost done with the book.

Chloe was a protective dog, more Dalmatian than Lab in her personality. She went all goo-goo eyed over foals. The surprise was the mares trusted and accepted her constant presence.

Sandra said...

Val, next year Medicare covers the full cost of the Shingles vaccination. You didn’t know you waited for a reason!

Peace Thyme said...

The both of us really suffered with the Shingles vaccination. Him with the first and me with the last for almost a week. I have decided that I am going to go where I want and wear my mask without feeling out of place. Although I am tired of people looking at me in a mask like I am from another planet, it does make me feel just a little safer.

Sandra said...

Peace Thyme, I've heard lots of people have a reaction to the shingles vaccine. I'm not looking forward to it, but I don't want shingles, either.

We never stopped wearing our masks. We are ignored by others, so that's good. We live in a very red county and it is under-vaxed here so it's wise. We'd still wear our masks even if that weren't the case. We both enjoyed not having a cold the past two years and that's reason enough, I think!