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Sunday, March 19, 2023

I had a good day yesterday, I got some work done in the house, slow but steady. I'd brought up a bag of frozen whole Romas a couple of days prior, so in the afternoon I peeled them and started a sauce. I added frozen shredded zucchini, lots of garlic, (vampires will never bother me) basil and red pepper flakes. I added white wine and let it simmer all afternoon.

The tomatoes were highly acidic and even after adding butter they were still too tart for my taste. I added a couple of heaping tablespoons of ricotta and it turned out delicious. I couldn't finish mine, so Mark will have an extra side for another meal. Something creamy will almost always save the day.

It was 5F this morning, it's supposed to reach 34F. Then we start transitioning into warmer weather. 40s are in our future!

A friend brought up someone she watches on YouTube, Mary's Nest. I haven't looked at it yet, but Deb mentioned making yoghurt. I used to make yoghurt, creme fraiche and kimchi. I don't know why I stopped. I think I will pick it up again. I also did sourdough but found I am a terrible caregiver to starter. I don't do these things to frustrate myself, so I stopped.

Mark's cousin will be bringing his tax documents over today, so that means two visitors in as many days. Whoo-hoo! Almost a social life. I don't know him, other than he is a Trump guy, so I will leave him to Mark.

A couple of days ago I got a form from  Bariatric Surgery and Weight Center to complete. It started out with criteria for being seen and what they offer; surgery, medical weight management and lifestyle counseling. Surgery, which I wouldn't do, is not available to anyone seventy and older. Medical weight management, I assume medication, isn't available to anyone sixty-five and older. Lifestyle...let me tell you some of the questions. Do you hide when you eat because you are embarrassed. Do you binge eat until you vomit. Are you addicted to food. Do you feel disgusted and depressed because you overeat. Do you feel a compulsion to eat. Have you been hospitalized for emotional problems or substance abuse. Do you use street drugs. There are more of the same in various forms. Since I'm not eligible for the other two treatments, this seems to be why I was referred to this program. After a couple of years of appointments, it comes down to this. 


Boud said...

Are people seriously going to say yes to any of these questions even if true? They're so accusing.

I think your considering weight lifting is as useful as any of this. But I'm a namachoor.

Sandra said...

Boud, I feel like Alice down the rabbit hole. I do need to do some strength work.

Val Ewing said...

I just had a night out with a friend whose daughter falls into many of those categories. Her eating habits are an addiction/health disorder. Notice I left off Mental because that is such a sucky word. The daughter was in severe danger of dying at least once from an addiction regarding food. So yeah, I see why those standard format questions are in there.

How it would relate to you? Nah. It is just a standard form. Just like they ask me if my appointments for cataracts were/were not related to any work comp injury, car accident,...blah blah blah. It is in script form.

Hubby had a form just like this last summer too. He laughed and had me fill it out.

I do hope you get to feel better though with your own determination and what you are doing for yourself. Put yourself first! I know, easier said than done.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Those quesfions leave much to be desired, Sandra.

The tomato sauce and pasta looked delicious and I have the perfect bread to go with the meal. If onky we didn’t live such a distance away.

The Happy Whisk said...

I love that you had these tomatoes on the ready! Making kraut and spicy kraut is fun. I have it on the docket to make more. The last vegan kimchi I bought at Target. Not too bad though. Not spicy enough for me though.

Best to you on your weight journey.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Interesting criteria and questions...so friendly:(

Sandra said...

I understand the questions on a certain level, although I don’t know how honest people would be. What I don’t understand why I was referred to this? Just an easy answer? I don’t know. I’ve had poor treatment in my adulthood on and off from drs, but I still believed, overall, they are there to help. I have changed my mind. It’s an assembly line and the more product they push through the more money is made at the top. We, and they, are cogs in a wheel.

Sandra said...

The Sandra above was me, I was on my phone and it didn't recognize me for some reason.

The Happy Whisk said...

Sadly many doctors are not trained in prevention or health. Though I'm seeing a turnaround in recent days where more doctors are trying to understand the human body and work toward prevention. Here's to more of that.

Sandra said...

Ivy, I think medical school takes curiosity completely out of them. If a lab work can't answer a question, the question isn't worth looking into. I know because people are individuals that there are doctors who are curious. The medical system is pretty effective at curbing that instinct.