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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Catalyst

Dogs laugh, but they laugh with their tails.  
Max Eastman, Enjoyment of Laughter

Grace is the cause of all action. She is the dominant female and controls all activity. Even crabby Atlas will differ to her. So today Deb's Collie stayed to play and it has been a bust. Howard spent the morning with his nose to the ground and Ollie walked around lost. If Grace were here there would have been wonderful doggy pandemonium, with Howard around the edges barking the loud Basset bray. Grace practices her wrestler moves on Ollie and he always ends up in smack-down!

It's too quiet and well-managed at this time. The trouble maker is struggling to live and the rest of us are left wondering if her bossy, aggressive self will ever return to us. I know she's a dog, but she is a D O G, as large a personality as Bill, and her absence leaves a gaping hole, especially since Bill is now gone. Atlas is a large dog in size and Howard is a tank on short legs, but neither have the force of personality of Bill or Grace. I really do need such a dog around, for they create a certain energy I find I need, or at least enjoy. Even though I grump at it a lot.

We all, two and four-leggers, want the catalyst to come home.


Susan said...

Hoping Grace pulls through. She is such a doll. So was Bill. I loved to love on them during our visit. Such characters... hope that things work out so that you have her for a few more years. Thinking of you, Grace, and the gang.

Sandra said...

Thanks Susan. The dogs and I are rather glum.

EveryoneThinksThey'reGoodDrivers said...

Oh Sandra I'm so sorry to hear about Grace! So soon after Bill too.

I hope she pulls through okay! They ARE members of the family so of course it's okay to try.

Sandra said...

Mark thinks I'd try harder for one of them then I would for him!

Christy Fritz said...

we'll be thinking of her too!
just stopped in and found out about your troubles.
hope she heals quickly!
she sounds like a real character.:)
take care,

Sandra said...

Thank you Christy.

Jean L. said...

It sounds hopeful. And it sounds like she is a fighter. Hopefully that will work to her advantage. Loosing two dogs in such a short time span would be simply too much to bear. I truly hope it does not come to that.

Sandra said...

You are right Jean, she is a strong personality and will fight. The vet is surprised at her. Gracie has never been able to be crated. We tried when she was a puppy and she went completely insane. She was a banshee. She did this her first night there, dying mind you. She went crazy and she needed to be sedated. She is kept mildly sedated since, because if they don't she goes nuts.

It is too much to lose her on top of my wonderful, constant companion Bill. I'm still missing him, so to lose her is too much. We would probably have spent the emotional and financial capital on her regardless, but it was guaranteed at this time.

I need to remember how much it cost us with Howard when I'd only had him two days and he had a bloat on a Sunday evening. A tearful trip to the emergency hospital in Eden Prairie and four figures later when we took him home! I've had Grace since she was 4 mos. and she is now into her six-year-old year. That's worth something.

Ganeida said...

I'm still grieving the cat we had since the kids were little. He was ALL personality. I don't love many animals but when I do I totally give my heart away & Issi, whom I didn't even want 'cause we already had two cats, has wiggled his way in deeper than any of the others. It will be an ouchy when he goes so I totally understand having that special dog or cat. I hope Gracie continues to do well & pulls through.

JeanRDH said...

Just getting caught up on Grace's hospitalization and treatment. Hope everything works out and keep us posted.
I wonder if they will need to surgically section out the dead intestine and re-attach?

Sandra said...

I need to clarify that. I understood the first time he told me this that she had dead intestine, but he said the next time that it is dead intestinal lining, which repairs itself. It really smells, so she is stinking up the ICU at the hospital!

Sandra said...

I have a Gracie update. As of this morning she had eaten well and seems much improved. Mark goes to Minneapolis Thursday evenings for tennis, so he is going to leave early so as to spend some time with Grace. I decided it was better than worse for her to see one of us. I feel encouraged, but cautious.