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Thursday, January 15, 2009

What 25 Degrees Below Zero Looks Like

The long, cold Minnesota winters instilled in me a fascination for exotic far off places; I aspired toward a career in tropical diseases and world health problems. 
Peter Agre

Looks cold just looking at it


Frost on the climbing hydrangea. 

Frost on hay on the north end of the barn.

Frost patterns on a window in the barn.

Icicle on the barn.

What cold looks like.


Ashley Dumas said...

Ok you are right that looks cold. I wonder if I can photgraph Hot! : ) Frost on the windows is so beautiful. I also love ice covered branches, in photographs!!!

Sending you WARM wishes : )


We are sweating under ceiling fans!

What a funny world and how interesting that now a days people on the opposite side of the world can converse so easily about the weather.

Sandra said...

To photograph hot, your subject matter needs to be wilting and if human, sweating profusely. Somehow cold just jumps out of the picture!

I marvel at this all the time, how strange is this? And how wonderful to be able to learn so much.

Christy Fritz said...

we woke up to 15 degrees and i didn't even begin to think it was cold!! lol :):)
just knowing you are out there in cold like this certainly changes one's perspective.
keep warm!!
johnny brought fantasia today, and so mine are cuddled under blankets playing "hooky" from school, at the moment. (at least until everyone shows up) guess that's what a "cold" snap does to us southerners. (there were some actual school closings too)
christy :)

Sandra said...

The official temp this morning is -22. We are always at least 5 - 10 degrees colder than that. I haven't looked at my own thermometer. I don't want to know!
Four days in for the horses. We are going to have a rodeo.

15 degrees is cold for y'all. : ) I think those kids should stay under the blanket.