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Friday, January 9, 2009

Passing on the AWARD

I received an award from Ganeida and was asked to pass it on. Since Ganeida already gave this award to Ashley, I won't double her fun! But I would like to give it to Britwife. She is funny! And like me, she cuts her own hair. If I knew how to create a link I would, but she is the little square on the followers with a shadow figure on it. She makes me laugh and so Britwife, you have been awarded!

Thank you Ganeida for the thoughtful appreciation.


Britwife said...

Oh thank you!!! :)

I have NO idea how to accept this award! I am such a nerd.

Sandra said...

If you have a PC, right click and copy to your photos file. Then add it to your sidebar on your blog. If you have a Mac, just drag it to your pictures file and then add to your sidebar. I love awards, I guess that's why I showed horses!! I'm so shallow. : )