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Monday, January 12, 2009

A Ball Of Yarn?


We had a clear sky and a full moon and this is the eerie photo I got through the cedar tree. I stood outside in my slippers and no coat for some while as the camera made its adjustments. I didn't realize I would be freezing my toches off or I would have put on a coat. I'm not skilled in photography, but I have a camera that can help me somewhat. A skilled photographer would have got a better photo, but someone who knows nothing got a weird photo!

It's snowing! I have been whining about lack of snow cover over the ice for a couple of weeks, so I think it finally paid off. Of course we get a wallop tomorrow with -30 degrees, but that's the place I live.

I'm watching Bush's final press conference. January 20th can't come too soon. The press "misunderestimated him". OMG, leave already.

Sorry, distracted by a, well I won't say it. Anyway, lovely snow is falling and I have lots to do today, so that's it from here for now.


Ashley Dumas said...
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Unknown said...

Don't worry, we all agree with you and your view on Bush and Dick. And I can't help but laugh when I say that.

From someone who doesn't know anything about photography to another, I love the picture. It's eerie. And it reminds me of my hometown, Erie PA.

Anyway, lovely blog. I look forward to reading!

Ashley Dumas said...

Dear Sandra,

I deleted my first comment as it was a little bit too negative. Let's just say I too am extremely happy that this 8 years is finally coming to a close!!!!! : ) : ) : )

Ash : )

Sandra said...

Ashley, there is no such thing as too negative where he is concerned! Only delete if you worry about anyone else's opinion but your own. I read the first post and it was not too negative. Sweetie, let loose. : ) You can say what you want here. Whether I or anyone else agrees with you. It doesn't matter.

Shaun, hey! This is a mishmash of my mind, so there is no continuity of thought. Except that I have been an anti-fan of dubya from the beginning. And I have a lot of opinions. (and horses).

JeanRDH said...

I think it looks like a pinecone.

Ganeida said...

I love the photo & have nothing good to say about Bush ~ or Nixon for that matter ~ but hey, they weren't my president so I don't have to blush for their sins.

Ashley Dumas said...

You are right Sandra, I do need to loosen up a little LOL I usually make a point to avoid any controversial comments etc...so sorry for wimping out with my first post : ) : ) : )

We have a lovely full moon here in Brazil as well. I know that the stars are different in the southern hemisphere but I think the moon phases are the same. I have to check that one : )

Bye for now!


Sandra said...

Sometimes controversy is in the eye of the beholder. And sometimes it is, in certain circumstances, seen as poor manners or bad taste. And sometimes, whether people realize it or not, having some controversy brought into their lives is good for them!

At best, it opens eyes, at worst someone may not like you for a moment. I think it far worse to spend your time worrying about whether you have offended someone, because those someone's will always find something to be offended about.

My whole life, at any given time, has offended SOMEONE. Dip your toe into the water of opinion. The water is fine!

Jean, I think it looks like a ball of yarn!

Ganeida, count yourself blessed you didn't have that person representing your country for eight year. Oi gevald.

Ashley Dumas said...

You know Sandra, I used to be very opinionated (ask my poor parents : ) but then I ate my words SO MANY times, that I decided to slow way down in the opinion department. It is probably time to, like you said ,try it out again only this time I will try and be a bit wiser and a bit less obnoxiously know it all about it .... I hope! : )

I love opinionated people by the way. Most of my friends are very vocal and direct. I suppose that I have been benefiting from all their diatribes and gleaning from each what I see as good or important. I haven't been contributing much though. I need a little less wise old owl who listens more than he speaks and a little more gumption to enter into the conversation : ) : ) : )

Sandra said...

The thing about opinions is, you need to know when to speak and when to shut up. Therein lies the problem. Every now and again everyone makes a mistake and doesn't shut up. The thing is, it's usually not going to be fatal!

I think what you are describing from your past is youth! I think it would be difficult to find a teenager who doesn't think they no everything. : )

Bush-whacking here is definitely NOT offensive. Bush praise is at your own risk!

Britwife said...

Lovin' the photo. Lovin' the comment about Bush "just leave already". It brought a chuckle to my day! :)

Sandra said...

I try to keep this 'family friendly' so that's the best I could do!