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Friday, January 23, 2009


*I fixed the link. : )

I got this tag from Just Jules

It seemed like an interesting tag, so here it is. You go to your fourth photo file and post the fourth photo in the file and explain it. It was a high percentage chance that mine would be of a horse!

This isn't hard to explain. The American Saddlebred stallion, The Denver Mint, making his debut under saddle at the Fergus Falls Pinto show. Jean L.'s daughter Jaime is up and Jean is the person with the camera in the background.
'Solo' is a National Champion in halter, but he was never started under saddle until I got him as a 10 year-old horse. Jean and Jaime trained him and he finally made it to the ring at this show. He was on his way to winning this class when he kicked up a large clump of dirt against the wall and scared himself silly. Jaime stayed on, but it took too long to recover. It was a great ride though and I was so pleased to see him complete it. He has soundness issues, so it was the first and the last time.


Just Jules said...

wonderful glimpse into your photo folders... thanks

Sandra said...

Hi, You're welcome. I'm afraid almost all of my photos are of horses! Some dogs and some landscape, but I was almost certain it would be a horse shot.

Sandra said...

I fixed the link. : )

Ganeida said...

I know nothing about horses but this one looks like a beauty. I love how horses hold themselves, proudly with all flags flying. lol.

Jean L. said...

I have not seen this shot before! Who took it. Obviously not me! LOL. Nice. They did look good together. (big sigh)

Sandra said...

Thanks Ganeida, he is a beauty and he happily sets his flag a flying!

Jean I took the photo. I got several good shots, I'll send them to you. They did make a lovely couple, too bad Jaime chose the other man in her life. : )