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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Ho Hum

Weather forecast for tonight:  dark.  
George Carlin

Back to a day that isn't my birthday. I didn't talk much about my approach to that glorious day! I have always felt a sense of awe that I was born, by that I mean I think about my mother laboring to have me. It's easy to forget when you know yourself as 'just am', but I always acknowledge her on that day.

Now back to normal. We have been in the grip of a particularly unpleasant winter and I wonder if I am beginning to be affected by the lack of light. The melt we had a month ago has made life very difficult, as we have not had the snow most of the state has had to cover the ice and make the ground passable for the horses. Life with cooped up horses is enough to make anyone testy. Including them. There is a 70% chance of snow for tomorrow, so I'm going to do a snow dance. It can't hurt!

The dark, dreary days are dismal, but the bright, sunny days bring cold temperatures, so I'll complain either way. Complaining about the weather is a job requirement in MN!

I need to think like this:  It's going to be a pleasant day in the low 20's and no wind. But I'm a native of this state, so I can't do that, it's not in our genetic code. I am much more content with thinking that it's dreary and the ice isn't covered and that the predicted snow will miss us and it's going to get bitterly cold and I should get on a plane to anywhere that isn't here and never come back! Now I feel better.


Ashley Dumas said...

Well Sandra,

I am feeling a bit like you today : ) It is hot and windless and humid and I feel like complaining about the weather : ) But I am going to take the girls to the pool after Marina's nap time and make icey lemonade. That always helps me appreciate the heat!

Sienna is after me to figure out how to put text on a photo ; ) I better work it out, she is chomping at the bit over here! : )

Sandra said...

We have extreme weather, so we all have been born into a culture that can complain like no other about it. We live for it. You should she the eyes sparkle as a person talks about the snow coming in or the freezing temps that are around the corner. You haven't heard complaining until you have heard me go on about heat and humidity! And spring, MUD. Everyone with a horse understands that complaint.

Somehow a pool and icey lemonade sounds inviting even as I sit here in the frozen zone!

If you have a program that lets you work with text and images you and Sienna will have lots of fun. Tell her not to chomp the bit, but to chew!

Britwife said...

I think someone talking to us about a pool and lemonade is really, really cruel at this time of year. :)
I see that it's supposed to be bitterly cold (-20s and -30s F) this week. We aren't talkin' windchill either. I'm going to pull my chair closer to the stove. I don't complain. I hibernate.

Ganeida said...

That is so funny. We aren't pooling either because God keeps dropping water on our heads {& you haven't heard complaining till you've heard me go of if I'm under canvas & it rains!] & we're going camping this week where the night temperatures will be decidedly cool. I am packing jumpers & jackets. It sounds mad with day temps in the 80sF but I know I will need them once the sun goes down. Maybe you should have a birthday once a week, Sandra, just to give your spirits a lift & something to fret about besides the weather. Think how rapidly you could age that way. lol. I ce isn't nice. I only have to worry about 1 cat atthe moment [& that is more than enough!] who is suffering from cabin fever & full moon~itis. Silly creature.

Sandra said...

-20 / 130 air temps, now I know i need to get on a plane. This has been a miserable winter. I wish I could hibernate, cause I'd be joining you by the stove!

Ganeida, can we put audio on blogs, because if we can I would love to hear you complain while in a tent with rain coming down and you are cold. The Aussie accent to be the icing on the cake!

I understand why Ashley doesn't want to open up her blog, but if you could see the photos of where she lives it would make you smile as well as make you wonder why you torture yourself by looking. And, she has a very good looking husband and adorable children as well. Some people just get it all. : ) That would NOT be me!

Ganeida said...

lol. The Aussie accent I have sounds quite British [or so I'm constantly being told]so I don't know how many giggles you'd get out of it. You can put audio on blogs but I don't know how to do it so I can't amuse you that way.