Everything sublime is as difficult as it is rare. Baruch Spinoza

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thursday's Thinks

Think for yourself and let others enjoy the privilege to do so, too.

I have decided to put Thankful Thursday to rest. It's not that I don't think I have things to be thankful for, but mostly I believe I have expressed my thanks. So then it becomes forced and when I feel forced you get something crotchety like last weeks! So, goodnight sweet Thankful Thursday, you served me well, but goodnight.

Now I am borrowing a term from Ganeida. She calls thought thinks and I so like that I have copied it. Something about imitation being the highest form of praise! And I will probably never run out of thinks, but I can't guarantee they will be profound. Actually, I probably can guarantee they won't!

So my thinks for the day.

Bush gives his farewell speech tonight. Would you please just crawl in your hole and stay there you meshugener mamzer! Every time you show your face, more people lose their jobs.

The Obama's get a redecorating allowance, I believe I would use it for fumigation.

I want Bush and Cheney to face war crime charges, but I don't think our elected officials have the baitsim to pursue it.

I think I need to get a paper bag and breath into it, slowly!

Ok, I think I need to give the incoming president a chance before I decide I'm mad at him.

I think I'm really tired of this winter, -25 below this AM with -40 windchill. Is it any wonder I seem a bit testy?

I will never be given the award of Miss Congeniality : ) 

I KNOW January 20th can't get here soon enough. Clear the megillah out and start again and push them to do better.

Wasn't this a positive experience! I think I need to eat breakfast.

 *Thought I should say I don't often swear, for no reason other than I think there are other words to use and that people curse so much in general conversation that it loses its relevance. When I discuss Bush and company I want to use a lot of colorful words, and I will admit I do in my 'real' life. So I used some Yiddish in this post. Megillah is not swearing, it means the whole works. I can swear in a couple of languages.  


Ashley Dumas said...

I love your Thurday Thinks : ) Thinks is a great word I think. Yes the bitter end to a terrible presidency is almost here...Whew . I feel sorry that the Obama administration has been handed such a mess but they certainly are not lacking room for improvement!!!!

I am going to stick with Thankful Thusdays. It forces me to look hard for something positive and sometimes that is a good thing for me. I am pretty positive but can get stuck in gloominess now and then. I also don't have many interesting thinks going on right now : ) :) When I am a little less occupied I might have some Thurday Thinks as well!!!!!

You are right, Marina is definitely going to be a challenge : )

Sandra said...

I think expressing thankfulness is a very good idea. But my 'real' personality is much closer to my thinks, so it begins to seem false when I try too hard.

You must continue to maintain your blog because I have to watch 'Marina the Cat' grow up!

Ashley Dumas said...

Don't worry , my Mom will kill me if I let it lapse for an instant : )!

Britwife said...

You can be assured that the Republicans will somehow blame either:
a) Obama
b) Clinton and Monica
for this mess that the country is in right now. No matter what...when all else fails, they turn it around.
It makes me insane.

Ganeida said...

You should come & live here; it's already Friday here. ;D Thursday's been & gone.

Sandra said...

Bush has already said he's not responsible for the financial mess, it was the two presidents before him, so he did include his own father!

I heard two different talking heads on Hardball say basically everything is Clinton's fault, so I guess george just sat in that office playing tiddlywinks and let Bill run the country.

There are many things in this life I can't abide, but hypocrisy probably tops the list. Notice how deficits now matter? I think I need some valium. I better leave my horse's drugs alone. : )

Sometimes I wouldn't mind skipping a day and heading right into another Ganeida.

Jean L. said...

I was all ready for "Thankful Thursday" but I like the "Thursday Thinks", too. It is always interesting to tune in and read the blogger thoughts.

I have nothing interesting or insightful to say EXCEPT---Sandra, you and I know a distant relative of the model for "The Thinker". In lieu of posting her name, I will just say that she used to own a bay mare named "Annie".

Sandra said...

REALLY! Well that's interesting. It's the little things in life we learn. : )