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Thursday, January 8, 2009

I've Been Tagged By Ashley

Appreciation is a wonderful thing. It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well.
The purpose of this tag is to acknowledge someone who means a lot to you with five things this person does and 5 things you appreciate most. Ashley's 10 year old daughter, Sienna, started this tag. She is a very poised and intelligent 10 year old!

I have several people I can think of, but I will go with the obvious: My husband, Mark. We wear on one another like an ungreased axle, but we still manage to go along. 

The 5 things he does or has done:

1. Mark works hard and is reliable. Although I have always worked, he has had most of the burden of support.

2. He took my young son as his own and worries about the grown man he has become much more than I do.

3. He crabs about the horses, but he steadfastly cares for them when I can't. (and then tells me how to do the job!)

4. He never openly questioned spending a large sum of money on Grace's medical care.

5. He likes anything I make to eat!

The 5 things I appreciate most:

1. He treats me as an equal.

2. He loves our dogs.

3. He loves my (our) son.

4. He has been good to my very difficult parents. (better than me!)

5. He throws hay down the chute for me every day.  

I tag anyone who reads this. If you have your own blog, do it there and for those that don't you are welcome to complete the tag here!


Ganeida said...

lol. I got tagged too! OK, award info: If your computer works the same way as mine you just have to right click on your mouse on the award pic, click save as [or however you usually save your pics] & download as per usual for your sidebar. :) Don't worry. I had to ask the first time too! Congratulations. I really do enjoy your blog.

Sandra said...

Thank you so much. I had no idea what I was doing or getting into, but it has been almost a living creature.
: ) And how amazing is it to catch brief glimpses into the minds and lives of so many diverse people. It should be required!

Sandra said...

I meant become, not been. But I suppose both would work.

Ashley Dumas said...

Thanks for playing along Sandra! Sounds like you have quite a winner in the husband department as well! :)

Sienna has been really tickled that this tag got a lot of mileage. She is kind of taking over her own blog more and more. She used to dictate to me what to say, but now she is typing as quickly as I do : ) : ) : ) She can put up a post all by herself now and it is fun to 'see' her personality emerging in her posts : )

Sandra said...

I could tell it came straight from her own fingers! I think this is a good exercise for her. Writing expands verbal skills and works the brain. I will check her blog more often.

Grammy Dianne said...

Sandra, really enjoyed your post. Have a great day! Such good news about Gracie, she is such a beauty.

Sandra said...

Thank you Dianne. She is something, that one is!